How to get the code

How did I get the script code to these mouse trailers? There are a number of ways. Some I found on the internet by searching. Some I used the source function and copied the code and some I made myself by modifying code. You can do the same.

If you understand how script code works, then it's easy to use the right click function of the mouse and choose 'View Source'. Some of these trailers have a designation code in the 'Head' and action code in the 'Body' portion of the HTML page. Some are only in the 'Head' and some only in the 'Body'. I find that the easy way to do this, is to have a folder on your computer with a shortcut to Windows 'Notepad' text editor. (found under 'All Programs' - 'Accessories'. Right click on it and make a shortcut, then cut and paste it into your folder). Open a blank page with 'Notepad' and change back to the window with the code you want. Using the mouse, hi-light the script text you need from the Head section and choose to copy then paste it over in the 'Notepad' window. Then do the same with the code in the Body section.

If you are not sure what is the proper code to hi-light and use, then just copy the entire page and past it into your blank 'Notepad' page. From there you can experiment and figure what you need. The easy way is to replace all of my body and table code with your own, then save it with a name ending in .html. It is necessary to have a background for the routines to work, so you need a body and table set up for this.

You will also need the images, (icons), for the trailers and I have included a page with all of the ones I use and more.
Trailer Art Page

If you try to get the source code for my Candy Trailer, you will find that 'View Source' doesn't work. I'm sorry, but that one is trademarked.

If you want the 'Skeleton' trailer or the 'Aliens' trailer, then you should go to the sites where I found them. You will find it easier to get them that way. Also you should include links back to their pages with your demo.

For the skeleton, go to the link below and click on 2D, then go down the menu to #16, 'Lately'. and click on the skeleton. - Skeleton - Lately
For the Aliens, go to the link below and find Mouse Squidie. - Aliens - MouseSquidie

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