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This script is called "Alien Mouse Squidie" because the original script was developed to simulate the Sentinels or "Squidies" from the film "Matrix".   If you use the right images you can get the desired effect.   This script uses 4 different images to create different mouse trailers.   "Mouse Squidie Script" http://www.javascript-fx.com and Images by Roy Whittle   http://www.javascript-fx.com

There are 4 JavaScript routines, 4 HTML routines that I developed for use here and a group of images.   You will find it much easier to get the code and images from the source.   You will be asked to leave certain lines of credit in the code.

You can get this code at JavaScript-FX.com

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"Alien Caterpillar"

Alien Caterpillar Alien Ant Worm
Alien Arachnid Cute Worm

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