Bicycle Ride along the Murdock Canal Trail
a 17 mile trail between Lehi and Orem Utah
May 2013 - 54 photos

(Last updated May 2013)
The Murdock Canal Trail is one that I have been waiting for some time to see opened, and it finally opened on the 18th of May, 2013. I went for my first ride along this trail on May 24th, 2013, along with my daughter Cheryl, and friend Marlene

The Murdock Trail runs along the Murdock Canal right of way in Utah County, where they recently buried the canal in a large pipe. The trail begins in Orem Utah at 800 North, and 1100 East, running through parts of Orem, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Highland, and Lehi. At this time it is 17 miles long.

We started our ride at the northwest end in Lehi. We didn't know how to find the first trailhead, Bull River Road, so went up to 1550 East along Timpanogos Highway where I had read about getting on the trail at Smiths. We parked there and rode west first and near the west end we crossed another paved trail, the Lehi Rail Trail.

Since the Murdock Trail would only be a 34 mile ride, we decided to do some extra riding and took the Rail Trail north over past Cabela's Sport Store. Everyone around here knows where that is. The trail didn't go far that way, so we turned back and rode south as far as 1200 N. and 300 W. in Lehi. From there it is only a few miles west to connect with the Jordan River Trail. The total ride on the rail trail was about 6.4 miles.

Back on the Murdock Canal Trail, we rode back east through upper Lehi to where we had left the car. Then we headed southeast for 14 more miles. As we rode out of Lehi, the trail dropped down through a deep ravine, and the trail was quite steep on both sides. It was the most difficult part of the ride and I barely made it back up to the top.

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Dry Creek bridge crossing along the Murdock Canal Trail

This trail is without a doubt the best trail we have found. It is much wider than other trails, with wide underpasses below the busiest streets and highways. It has many picnic tables for rest stops along the way, and includes 6 trailheads with very nice restrooms. They claim that the trail will be open 365 days a year, and will be plowed in winter time. For the most part the trail is fairly level. There is one section in Highland where the canal goes through another ravine, and the canal has always been underground there, so people have finished their yards over the top. Because the trail couldn't be put through there, a bypass along streets around it was necessary. That part of the trail runs through Highland Glen Park, and along a part of Alpine Highway with Bike Lanes. The trail is well marked with signs all along the way. We did a bit of extra riding in Orem, so managed to finish up with 50 miles for the day. A very good day, and great ride.

If anyone wants to find the Bull River Road trailhead, you go east from I-15 on Timpanogos Highway to 1200 W. turn right and go west on 3400 N. clear to the end. It's a good place to park and start this ride. If starting on the south end, there is a small parking lot in Orem, right off 800 N. at 1100 E. The first real trailhead with restrooms, is actually a few miles over in Lindon.

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I used a Canon Powershot SX280 HS, 12 megapixel camera, with wide angle to 20x optical zoom. These photos are set to lower resolution and compressed 10:1 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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