Ride from Henefer to Wanship
September 2011 - 36 photos

(Last update January 2012)
On the 28th of September, 2011, Marlene and I went bike riding up Weber Canyon. We tried to get others to go, but it wasn't the right day for it. We started out from the little town of Henefer Utah, and rode along the old highway up to Echo Utah, then crossed under the I-80 Freeway and rode up the hill to Echo Dam and along the east side over to Coalville, then across a bunch of rolling hills through Hoytsville, ending up at Wanship.

Although I labeled this ride Echo Canyon, most of the ride was actually in Weber Canyon. On the way back we did take a side trip up Echo Canyon, riding on the old road that was used before building the I-80 Freeway.

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Echo canyon from the old Rail Trail. You can see a train coming down the canyon as well as trucks on I-80.

When we go hiking up in the Uinta Mountains, we get off of I-80 at Wanship. We often stop there to use an outhouse along the Rail Trail that goes From Coalville up to Park City. One time when we stopped there, some women were getting ready to do a bike ride and Marlene talked with them about it. They were going over to Coalville and back along the old Lincoln Highway. Marlene decided that someday she wanted to try that ride. We also talked about riding the Rail Trail some time, but where most of it is gravel, we weren't enthused about it.

When we were deciding for a place to ride this time, she mentioned her desire to ride that Lincoln Highway. I thought it a good idea, though I talked her into starting down at Henefer and riding up to Wanship. That way it would be mostly down hill going back. I had figured from the map that the ride would be about 16 miles one way from Henefer. It was more like 19.5 when we got to Wanship, and we climbed more than 800 feet. When we headed back, we decided to ride the gravel rail trail for the seven miles back to Coalville. (straight line, and no hills). The ride through Hoytsville had been very hilly.

On the way back we stopped in Coalville and ate lunch at Polar King. It was pretty good.

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This trestle is the beginning of the Union Pacific Rail Trail in Echo Canyon. It runs 28 miles up to Park City Utah.

On the way back we decided to ride up Echo Canyon towards Evanston Wyoming. The old road doesn't go all the way through anymore, but we wanted to check out some of the canyon. We found out why it is called Echo Canyon... The car, truck, and tire noise coming from the freeway was bouncing off the cliff walls up above us, amplified many times in loudness. It was really something. I have never heard anything like it. When the trains go through, it must echo pretty loud too.

We only rode up Echo Canyon about 4 miles and decided to turn back as it was quite late in the day and we still had nine miles from Echo back to the car.

It was a great ride though, and we really enjoyed it. The area around Echo is much like being in the Red Rock country of Southern Utah. Our total ride for the day was 44.6 miles, climbing 839 feet.

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I used a small Canon Powershot for these photos, the SX210, 14 Megapixel camera, which has Image Stabilazation and a lens going from wide angle to 14x optical zoom.

These photos are set to lower resolution and compressed 10:1 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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